2004-2005 Preseason News

Behind the Scenes

The new Committee has been appointed for the up coming season.                                                   The Committee consists of the following members.

President               Darryl Smith

Vice President      Vito D'Angelo

Junior V/President Craig Rourke

Secretary                Syd D'Mello

Treasurer               Paul Gibson

Registra                 TBA

            Committee Members                                         Pat Rourke

Paul Smart            Wayne Moore



If you have any ideas,suggestions or matters to discuss or help with give Whale a call on            0412 378 019


The Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Peter McGilvray as Club coach & Greg Dudley as 1st Grade Captain for this season,and hopefully for many more to come.Peter & Greg have been standout performers in our Competition for many years and bring to the club a wealth of knowledge & experience which will no doubt help all members with the professionalism  they show on & off the field.All Members please make them welcome.Derek Gibson will assist Pete & Greg as lower grade co-ordinator,lets all pitch in & help the coaching staff & make training enjoyable for all.

Pre-season Training

Pre-season traing has been progressing well under the guidence of Peter McGilvray & Derek Gibson with good numbers at training this early in the season.With the addition of the bowling machine & centre wicket net,training should be the best in quality & interest for many years.

Membership Fees

The Membership fees for the season have not been increased from last season,they remain as :

Full Membership                              $ 130.00

Paid after 1st of November 2003    $ 150.00             

Ball Fees    $ 10.00 per week or combined membership & ball fees upfront payment of         $ 300.00 paid by 1st November 2004..


Outstanding Bills

There are several members that are not financial with the club please square up with the club before the start of the new season

Bar & Kitchen

We are please to confirm that Harry Summerfield has again been appointed Bar Manager for the up coming season.His wife June will also run the kitchen. We welcome back Harry & June who were instrumental in having such a sucessfull season of the park.

Cricket Matters

Our Scouts are looking for new players to bolster our teams.This season we have not secured any overseas players,so we are still on the lookout for 1 or 2 imports.


Sponsorship is a major source of income for our Club.The Sponsorship sub committee has asked all members to approach their employers for assistance.A letter was sent out with the newsletters to take to their Employer.If you have not received a newsletter please call Syd on 92689188.We are not looking for large contributions,although they would be more than accepted,cash or goods would help the club with its fundraising efforts for this season.If you can help in any way to arrange a sponsor please call Whale on 0412 378 019.







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