2003-2004 Preseason News

Behind the Scenes

The new Committee has been appointed for the up coming season.Congratulations to Whale for taking on the role of President.The Committee consists of the following members 

President               Darryl Smith

Vice President      Vito D'Angelo

Secretary                Syd D'Mello

Treasurer               Paul Gibson

Registra                 Peter Fowler

            Committee Members

Des Smith             Pat Rourke

Paul Smart            Rebecca Rourke

John Stanley        Darren Rourke

Wayne Moore      Roy Gibson

If you have any ideas,suggestions or matters to discuss or help with give Whale a call on            0412 378 019


Whale has stepped down from his duties of running the club.Wayne Moore will be used as a specialist coach with the assistance of some players from 1st Grade to manage the top two teams.The lower grades will continue as last year with assistance of Des Smith.This season we will combine skills training such as fielding with all players at the end of the night.

Pre-season Training

Preseason training has been scheduled to start for Saturday 23rd August & Saturday 30th August at Cockburn Indoor Cricket Centre at 9.00 am Sharp A fee of between $ 3 - $ 4 will be charged to hire the facilities depending on the numbers present.

Membership Fees

The Membership fees for the season have been set by the Committee.

Full Membership                              $ 130.00

Paid after 1st of November 2003    $ 150.00             

Ball Fees    $ 10.00 per week or combined membership & ball fees upfront payment of         $ 300.00 paid by 1st November 2003.

We are planning a couple of registration days after training to give members the opportunity to pay their fees.If you would like to pay your fees before then,please contact Paul Gibson on 94182037.

Outstanding Bills

There are several members that are not financial with the club.There is over $ 1000 in outstanding bar bills ,ball fees,& membership fees .The club is reviewing the provision of credit & if you are unfinancial,you will have to pay cash for bar purchases & membership.Please when asked to pay an outstanding bill please do so immediately

Bar & Kitchen

We are please to confirm that Harry Summerfield has been appointed Bar Manager for the up coming season. Many players will have been given the finger by Harry during his umpiring days and since retiring from Umpiring Harry has been Bar Manager at the East Fremantle Cricket & Football Clubs.Harry has much experience in the position & we believe with help from Thommo we should have the most successful year behind the bar on record.We would like also to thank Harry for his past help at the Frank Rourke Memorial day.Harry also brings on board sponsorship from Bicton Cellars through his association with them in the past.If you are in the area pop in & support our new sponsor.They are situated on Preston Point Road Bicton & let them know that your from Phoenix.                                  We welcome Harry and his wife June who will assist Pat Rourke in the Kitchen.

Cricket Matters

Our Scouts are looking for new players to bolster our teams.This season we have 3 international players two Pommies & a Indian.All are A grade material.These guys are looking for accommodation and jobs to get them through the Summer.So help the club and clean out that spare room & put a player up for the Summer.If you can assist in any way,please let Plugger know on 0412 290 812.


Sponsorship is a major source of income for our Club.The Sponsorship sub committee has asked all members to approach their employers for assistance.A letter was sent out with the newsletters to take to their Employer.If you have not received a newsletter please call Syd on 92689188.We are not looking for large contributions,although they would be more than accepted,cash or goods would help the club with its fundraising efforts for this season.If you can help in any way to arrange a sponsor please call Whale on 0412 378 019.

New Event

Cockburn Cricket Club are organizing a Golf Day,where members of both clubs play a round of golf in 2 ball Ambrose format .After the game its back to the club for presentations,drinks & a bbq.We are looking to make this a annual event with each club taking turns to host the event.Cost is approx $ 30 inc bus to Maylands& back, golf & barbie pack.Hurry there are only 16 places per club & numbers are filling fast.To book your place call Mike Gibson on 94184103.




A Brief Description of the Sport of CRICKET....
"You have two sides - one OUT IN the field and one IN. Each man that's IN the side that's IN goes OUT and when he's OUT he comes IN and the next man goes IN until he's OUT.

When they are all OUT the side that's OUT comes IN and the side that's been IN goes OUT and tries to get those coming IN, OUT. Even then, sometimes you still get those who stay still and don't go OUT. When both sides have been IN and OUT including the not OUTs, that's the end of the Game."

Seriously though....
Cricket is a team sport for two teams of eleven players each. A formal game of cricket can last anything from an afternoon to several days.

Although the game play and rules are very different, the basic concept of cricket is similar to that of baseball. Teams bat in successive innings and attempt to score runs, while the opposing team fields and attempts to bring an end to the batting team's innings. After each team has batted an equal number of innings, the team with the most runs wins.


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